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For challenging work

EHRO Fine-cutting band saw blades

As a leading manufacturer of fine-cutting band saw blades since 1955, EHRO's high-quality band saw blades are a household name. They are ideal for demanding work on:

  • wood
  • light metals
  • iron, steel and cast iron
  • plastics

Toys, architectural models, jewellery, musical instruments, etc. This is a selection of products that our customers manufacture with EHRO fine-cutting band saw blades.

The product lines F - Series, M - Series and G - Series optimally cover the different requirements regarding cutting geometry, materials and material thicknesses.

All dimensions of EHRO fine-cutting band saw blades from the F, M and G product series are available as standard for our EHRO E250/E320/E550 fine-cutting saws as well as in all special lengths according to customer requirements.


Hard materials


Semi-hard materials


Soft materials