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Riveting tool


The EHRO wobble riveting tool is a cost-effective alternative to single wobble riveting machines.

With the modular system for different types of holders such as MK, SK HSK and Weldon shanks in various sizes and quickly exchangeable riveting punches, the EHRO wobble riveting tool offers exceptional advantages such as:

  • lower acquisition costs than with a machine
  • flexibility for different rivet heights and large rivet spacings
  • versatile use, whether on any milling or drilling machine with or without a tool changer
  • quick and tool-free assembly of the riveting die
  • ideal solution for small batches


We will be happy to advise you on your planned application and provide you with the right tool for the production process in a customer-orientated manner,

  • advance consultation in the planning phase
  • flexibility in the design of special tools
  • careful production for precise rivet patterns
  • well thought-out design for quick changeovers
  • the modular design for your individual requirements