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The high-quality fine-cutting band saw blades in the M-series are ideal for semi-hard materials such as copper, brass, bronze, nickel silver, etc.

Thanks to the medium tooth pitch of 18 teeth / inch, they are designed for material thicknesses between 5 - 10 mm.
The type 514 with 14 teeth / inch is particularly suitable for larger dimensions and high productivity.

For other materials and material thicknesses, we offer the following fine saw bands:

F-series (for hard materials)
G-series (for soft materials)

All EHRO fine-cutting band saw blades are available as standard for our EHRO E 250, E 320, E 550 fine-cutting band saws as well as in all special lengths according to customer requirements.

Our range also includes bimetal, carbide-tipped and diamond-coated band saw blades. We would be happy to advise you on this, please contact us.

M - Series
Types 80 90 120 140 160 514 F*
thickness x wide (mm) 0,45 x 1,0 0,45 x 1,3 0,55 x 1,7 0,6 x 2,3 0,6 x 2,6 0,65 x 5,0

* only in conjunction with wide guide roller (article no. N0006)