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High quality, precise & durable

EHRO Fine-cutting band sawing machines

EHRO high-performance band saws make cutting fun.

A precision product made in Switzerland, which has been used successfully for many decades in various industries for processing steel, iron, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, wood, plastic, cardboard, leather and countless other materials.

Our machine housings made of high-quality cast aluminium are sturdy and purpose-designed. Saw blade guide rollers above and below the material to be cut allow precise sawing. Freehand cutting, rip cutting or cutting to stop with the available machine accessories.

With the types E 250, E 320 and E 550, you have a choice of 3 powerful bandsaw machines to meet your needs, which, in combination with the appropriate fine-cut saw blade, allow workpiece heights of up to 160 mm to be cut!

Type E 250

Type E 320

Type E 550