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Moulding made easy

EHRO Wobble riveting machines

Wobble riveting offers many different forming options. The process is a noiseless cold forming process with which classic round rivets with a wide variety of head shapes as well as asymmetrical components can be effortlessly joined or formed.

Depending on the design of the tools, either freely movable or fixed connections can be produced by riveting, flanging, rolling, pressing and expanding.

Almost any material can be formed, from chrome-alloyed steels to engineering plastics.

The wobble riveting tools and machines manufactured by EHRO for many years combine all the well-known advantages of wobble riveting technology, such as:

  • noiseless forming
  • consistent riveting material flow and therefore,
  • clean, smooth riveting heads
  • no damage to galvanic coatings
  • shortest riveting times and low force requirement

Depending on your requirements, we offer you a wide range of options for producing cost-effective joints with our single riveting tool or with our single and multiple riveting machines.